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Where are the top challenges facing the China senior care industry?

In a recent investor conclave, I hosted a discussion on the regulatory evolvement of senior care sector in recent years. As did in many other occasions alike, I started with my remarks that senior living industry, as well as the healthcare sector, now seems to be a lucrative market for many investors. If your impression is that the government is now actively encouraging private/FDI capital to participate in the senior care industry so that it must be a good time to do something, you are wrong; instead, it is just a possible good business for those who have been well prepared for confronting and addressing all kinds of challenges in the years to come. Then, where are these challenges? I’d like to share with you three of the most frequent


首部中国养老产业报告(英文版)问世 A Game-changing Piece of Intelligence for Players in China’s Senior Care Market is Now Available

This report, coming in at over 200 pages, combines 6 months of on-the-ground interviews with key stakeholders driving development at roughly 50 senior living sites and multiple home healthcare businesses. Included in the report are updates on new regulations specific to both senior housing and home healthcare, written by Joe Christian and Michael Qu.

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《中国养老产业报告》长达200多页,整合了历经长达6个月、针对近50个养老和居家护理项目的实地考察和深入访谈的成果;其中包括了Joe Christian瞿沁两位律师对养老行业的最新立法动态的详尽分析。